Attractive Pet Toilet Educator Spray -

Attractive Pet Toilet Educator Spray



Teach your pet how to keep it clean with ease and without shouting and banging!

This attractive Pet Toilet Educator Spray helps to teach your pet where you want it to perform its needs.

Thanks to its composition based on essential oils, Attractive Pet Toilet Trainer Spray will help you teach puppies and kittens to be clean and maintain the hygiene of your home.

Dogs are very attentive to odours when they relieve themselves, the essential oils contained in this educational spray will help your dog or cat to learn hygiene and cleanliness.

Attractive Pet Toilet Educator Spray reduces the time it takes to learn how to clean when used according to instructions. Safe for pets and children when used as directed.

This attractive Pet Toilet Educator Spray not only trains your pet but also removes stains and odours, which can also help you keep your home fresh, kill bacteria and keep your family healthy.

Features :

  • Toilet Training Special

  • Educator deodorant spray

  • For use on potty training mats for potty training

  • For dogs, puppies, cats and kittens

Instructions for use :

  1. Dog and puppy hygiene: Shake the dog training spray before use and then spray 2-3 sprays where you want your puppy to relieve himself.
  2. Spray your puppy trainer spray morning and evening for 2-3 weeks. You can then space out the sprays as you go along. This attractive dog spray can also be used outdoors. For outdoor use, you can spray the toilet training spray 3 times a day.

Best tool to help you keep your home clean!

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