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Car Back Seat Organizer

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Car Back Seat Organizer

Car Back Seat Organizer  for all cars is a simplified yet reliable product available at reasonable prices. This is a must have accessory for everyone who owns a car not because it looks cool to have it installed at the back of your seat, but because it has an amazing utility of enabling you to never lose anything in your car.  
It has dedicated pockets for everything, you can have all your daily essentials sorted out and that too in an easily accessible space.

If you are a frequent backseat passenger, there is nothing more than you would ask for in terms of organizing your journals, newspapers, tissue paper, bottles and such other stuff.

✅ The Back seat Organizer is made of high-quality polyester that maintains its quality and surface looks for a long time.
✅ So easy to install and remove, along with such an adaptive design.
✅ This seat organizer does not have to necessarily be used in a car only. You can even use it in your office or home.
✅ The polyester fiber is hand-washable, and so is this Seat Cover so it will look new even after usage of years.
✅ The soft cloth used lets it be folded and stored even in a suitcase in case you are traveling.

Take our word for it, Car Back Seat Organizer would make a perfect assistant for organizing your stuff when you go for picnics, business meetings, long journeys, and obviously in the daily commute.

1.) Lift the headrest of the front seat behind which you want to install the Back Seat Organizer.
2.) Fasten the Velcro Tape straps together and lower the headrest as per your requirement.
3.) Bind the lower section of Car Back Seat Organize using the hooks attached to the straps.
  • Condition: 100% New High Quality
  • Material: Felt Fabric
  • Size: 40cmx50cm
  • Conversion: 1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm = 0.0393 inch
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