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FASTSLICE™: Mandoline Express Slicer

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You will love this easy way to slice your fruits or vegetables

You just need to put the fruit or vegetable on the opening up, and press it then grab the handle and roll it till you have the amount that you want.

Enjoy your meals even if you are on a diet (raw, vegan, low carb, gluten-free, no wheat, Paleo).

  • High efficiency to work, shake 1 circle equals to cut 12 times.

  • Strong sharp stainless steel blades make it easy to cut vegetables and fruits and will last for years.
  • Possible to spiralize harder root vegetables like sweet potatoes and turnips that previously broke spiralizer handles
  • Start Making Healthy Gourmet Meals As Soon As You Get It
  • Replace high carb pasta with veggie pasta.
  • A Perfect Gift for All Occasions: What is better than the gift of health?
Perfect for Slicing and Dicing a Wide Variety of Fruits and Vegetables! 


The Package Includes: 

  • 1x main FASTSLICE™ Body
  • 3x Cut Heads 
  • 1x Box
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