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HANDYBAY™: Safe Nail Baby Trimmer

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For a child with a sensory integration disorder, processing the feelings of hot or cold, tired, hungry, lights, and sound can be challenging.

HANDYBAY™ is ULTRA-SILENT. It is the ideal tool to avoid overwhelming your child with sounds or vibrations. 

SAFE FOR ALL - Your baby's nails will not have the same strength at one month than eight months. Therefore, we provide three trimmer heads that follow the growth of your baby, starting from 0 to 12 months and more.

As a bonus, we also offer three extra trimmer heads sturdy enough for adult nails. From infant to adult, everyone can benefit from using the Baby Safe Nail Trimmer.

EASY TO USE - Lightweight and compact, it's effortless to handle while reassuring baby. You can select the slow or fast mode as well as the rotation side. The Baby Safe Nail Trimmer also comes with a night light, which makes it safer and even easier to operate.

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