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MAXY™: The Rotating Iron

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The heated rotating barrel and floating plate straighten without creasing or crushing hair, effortlessly creating an amazing blowout look full of volume.

The tourmaline ceramic barrel evenly distributes heat to help protect from damage while the ionic bristles reduce frizz and polish hair for vibrant shine.

The MAXY™ Rotating Iron delivers maximum straightening results, while offering the ultimate styling versatility to create body, loose curls and beachy waves.

~ Features

~ Heat Settings 

  • The unit will start on "Max"
  • Press the Power button to reduce heat.
  • The LED bars will flash while heating up; once temperature is achieved, the LED bars will stay lit.


TIP: To straighten at the root, simply glide just the hot barrel over the root area. Do not close the unit 


  • Wrap a section of hair around the barrel from root to ends with the barrel side facing the scalp 
  • Gently close MAXY™ onto the barrel. Rotate the whist slightly to ensure the ends of the hair are included 
  • if you are curling toward the face, the barrel should rotate toward the face. If you are curling away from the face, the barrel should rotate away from the face.
  • Allow the barrel to rotate for 5-10 seconds in the direction of the curl 
  • Open the barrel and let the curl drop 


  • Position the MAXY™ so the rotating barrel side is near your scalp  (with the barrel ON TOP/ UNDERNEATH the section of the hair)
  • Ensure the barrel is always rotating toward the end of your hair 
  • Pull the MAXY™ straight down SLOWLY to the ends 
  • Near the ends of the hair, rotate your wrist so the ends of your hair curl up from your face 
  • Allow the barrel to rotate for 3-5 seconds in place before releasing the hair 


    ~ Removal Cool Tip

    1. First, make sure the barrel is cool 
    2. Insert the post of the Cool Tip into the hole on the end of the barrel and push until seated 
    3. To remove the Cool Tip, wait until the unit is fully cool, the grasp the Cool Tip with fingers and pull to remove 

    The unit operates with or without the cool tip, whichever you prefer. 


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