Muscle Massage Roller -

Muscle Massage Roller

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You suffer from sore shoulders, cervical muscles, also leg and hand become fat?


Due to the lack of exercise and not choosing good equipment you can lead your muscle loss of mass and strength. Using the muscle massager roller, you will be able to exercise and build muscle size and strength, also you can slow or even reverse the decline in muscle mass that occurs with aging.

That had been said , it  makes getting some convenient relief at home when you're hurting -especially for those who don't have the luxury to get a professional massage- is the best solution. 


  • The muscle relaxation roller massager can release tension and help increase joint flexibility, reduce cramps, improve blood circulation, relieve shoulder tension and enhance the elasticity of leg muscles.
  • The massager is compact, lightweight and easy to operate, providing excellent comfort and effectiveness. For physiotherapy equipment, it is the ideal accessory for you.
  • Reduce the accumulation of hand fat, reduce rectus muscles, and reduce sedentary neck pain.
  • Beautify the leg lines and say goodbye to muscle soreness. Surround the massage to prevent the legs from getting thicker after exercise.
  • 360 ° wrapped massage, fits the skin and can massage multiple parts, Smooth drop-shaped floating-point, soft and not stinging Elastic bracket, adjustable width, suitable for various body types

Technical details:

  • Materials: PP+EVA
  • Weight: 325g
  • Size : 25x 27 cm
  • Colors: Black - Pink

Package includes: 

    1 * Massager Roller

    Dont let Your Entourage Suffer too...

    Get 10% Off in every extra Purchase

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