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NODIRT™: Drill Scrub Brush (Original)

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Try our fabulous drill scrub brush set, perfect for discolored and stained tile and grout, deep cleaning, outdoor and indoor use. Attach the drill brush to any household drill, add product to the surface being cleaned and let the drill brush do the work for you!

The Drill Brush Scrubber is a great fiberglass tub cleaner, calcium lime remover, pot and pan cleaner, glass shower door cleaner, rust remover

These Drill Brush Attachments are made from polypropylene nylon that is guaranteed not to scratch. This is not a test product, this product has been tested by professional cleaning companies and is proven to be an effective and efficient method of cleaning.

How to use the Drill Scrub Brush

Applying the On Cleaner to the surface to be cleaned. Next, Attach the Drill Scrub Brush to any household drill and smear the product around using the drill brush before engaging the drill,( this will avoid flipping the product around). Next, use the 5 inch flat brush to clean all your horizontal and vertical flat surfaces. Once all the flat surfaces are cleaned, switch to the corner brush and begin to clean all your corners, edges, and hard to reach places. Once you feel the area is to your satisfaction, use water to wash off the Bring It On Cleaner.

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