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NOWET : Nano technology waterproof SPRAY

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NOWET : Nano technology waterproof SPRAY

💪Now with  this Hydrophobic nanotechnology you can protect your life from anything that makes you in a BAD mood.😱😭

🔮NOWET Spray🔮

Are you familiar with any of THESE ISSUES ? 

  1. Salt, mud and reagents destroy expensive footwear in a few months
  2. Care of delicate fabrics is a very time-consuming process
  3. Brightly colored suede footwear doesn't take bad or rainy weather very well
  4. The back of Trousers are always covered with mud 
The advantages of NOWET Spray 
  • Invisible, does not change the color or texture of a material 
  • Durable, offers protection for up to 3 months 
  • Breathable, Does not alter vapor or air permeability, making the clothes and footwear breathable.
  • Eco-friendly, Does not contain solvents 
  • Multifunctional, Can be applied to any kind of fabric 

1-Clean and dry your footwear 

2-Distribute evenly

3-Dry for more than 24 hours 


A very efficient product for protecting your clothes and footwear from water damage.

The innovative technology forms a ramified (unsmooth) nanoscale structure inside the pores and on the surface of a material.

When applied to a surface, NOWET forms an invisible coating which gives unique water proof properties to your clothes and footwear. As a result, the surface interaction with water and its solutions is absolutely minimal, and the self-cleaning effect is achieved without loss of air permeability. 

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