ShockCart Pink STICKY™: Original Multi-Purpose Cleaning Gel

STICKY™: Original Multi-Purpose Cleaning Gel




Are your keyboards, TV remote, video game consoles covered with crumbs, grease, and sticky soda stains (not to mention a coating of dust)?

Are you tired of removing dust, particles and hair off one by one with a q-tip?  Do you clean your speaker periodically so they give you the best sound possible?  Are you worried about bacteria when using public phone and computer?

this Multi-Purpose Cleaning Gel Makes Cleaning Easy and Fun

- It's designed to get deep into all cracks and crevices on any item or device. 
- It's effective at removing 99.99% of harmful particles that live on everyday surfaces.

Get One Now and Try it Out! See How Easy You Can Get Your Keyboard, Speaker, TV Remote, Video Game Console and more Cleaned in Just Seconds!

Easily absorbs dirt, dust, crumbs. Pat down and press- no need to rub.  Store in bag and seal to reuse. 

Pick up dirt from small, tough to reach spots.  Great for SLR cameras, remote controls and small electonics.

Try it out on different surfaces around your house, car or office!  Disinfect germs without leaving residue.

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