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Portable Soap Paper Disinfectant Soluble

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Fight germs and viruses on a regular basis, without carrying around a big block of soap all the time!

It's possible nowadays, with these soap sheets that can sneak everywhere. It is the ideal solution to keep your hands always clean.

This disinfectant soap papers allow you to wash your hands almost everywhere you go. And effectively eliminates 95.99% of bacteria! They are simple and convenient, which is very important now!

Without paraben or phosphate, these soap sheets are practical for travel,the office, public toilets ,the beach, camping...

Discreet and useful!

  • Skin Safety: This disinfectant soap is gentle to your skin, so you can use it without harming your skin.
  • Suitable: Whether you're at home or in an outdoor mall, you'll want to be able to wash your hands thoroughly. With Disinfectant Soap Sheets, you can!
  • No mass: No more just wiping your hands dry or washing them with water. Soap and clean your hands thoroughly everywhere you go with the Disinfectant Soap Sheets. Each bar of soap is enough for one wash, so you don't have to put the used soap back in your bag, which can drip.
  • Innovative design: the disinfectant soap sheets come with their own container that fits directly into your bag or pocket.

Package included: 20pcs / set

Specifications :

It comes in different scents :

  • Pink (peach-based ingredient containing water, whitening the skin).
  • Purple (containing grape seed essential oil, soothing the fatigue of crowds of computers and mobile phones for a long time).
  • Blue (with essential oil of bilberry, moisturizing, smooth skin).
  • Green (containing natural tea extracts, inhibiting bacterial growth, refreshing and invigorating).
  • Yellow (containing natural honey, effective for sterilization and itching, promotes blood circulation).
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