Set Brush multi-functional Halloween Stylish Make-up

Set Brush multi-functional Halloween Stylish Make-up

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Looking to make up with stylish light brushes for Halloween!

If you're one of those girls who pay special attention to the type of makeup and brushes they use to get the perfect Halloween look, then you've come to the right place.

When you're going to use these brushes, just like your idol goes with you to become beautiful, how happy she is, act fast, use your actions to prove that you love them!

The multi-functional Halloween Design Makeup Brush System works well for foundation, blush, contour, shadow, highlight, eye shadow, eyebrow, satisfaction and more!

This Set Brush multi-functional Halloween Stylish Make-up is one of the best foundation brushes you will ever have to buy. It is so soft, dense, silky and applies foundation so well. This flat-headed Kabuki brush will exceed your expectations. Your foundation will look flawless and airbrushed. You'll be in love with it...


  • Multifunction: This foundation brush is ideal for everyday make-up. With this genuine artist's make-up brush, your imperfections will disappear and you will get a finishing airbrush. From the professional to the amateur level, you will be able to create eye shadows, eyebrows, lips and a perfectly cruelty-free complexion.
  • Professional: This is a professional brush that everyone can afford. It comes with high quality synthetic bristles and a handle. Use this make-up brush like a powder or spot brush to apply powder, cream and liquid products to the skin without trapping or absorbing the product. They do not absorb excessive amounts of product like other makeup brushes.
  • Lightweight and practical: use it wherever you want with the brush set and don't worry about deforming the shape of the brush or damaging the bristles.

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