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SmartFit™: Self-healing and slimming soles (Pair)

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Refine your silhouette with a small gesture!


Most people want to refine their figure, but they have neither the time nor the motivation to do it. 
You will be able to use SmartFit™ every day, during your daily activities, 30 minutes of walking with SmartFit™ will allow you to stimulate your body to promote weight loss.
SmartFit™ Technology from Two Knowledge
  • Foot reflexology

The foot is a miniature representation of the human body where each foot area
corresponds to an organ or part of the body.
Plantar reflexology uses the body's natural self-healing process
thanks to the stimulation of specific areas.


  • Chinese medicine

In Chinese energy, well-being results from the free flow of vital energy called Chi
Pressures on the reflex zones of the foot corresponding to the organs, will allow to restore an energetic harmony.

SmartFeet les semelles d'acupression amincissantesWhy use SmartFit™?

  • 30 minutes of walking a day with SmartFit™ will allow you to greatly increase your energy harmony and thus promote the elimination of superfluous fat.
  • SmartFit™ increases blood flow as well as oxygen throughout your body, which will increase your health benefits.
  • SmartFit™ insoles will help relieve muscle pain and stress.

We advise you to use them as often as possible during your daily activities (at home, going to work, during your leisure time ...).

SmartFit™ Features: 

  • SmartFit™ consists of 10 strategically placed acupressure points, which will stimulate the parts responsible for metabolism and weight loss, thus promoting the elimination of superfluous fat.
  • SmartFit™ has more than 200 micro acupressure points for a massaging and relaxing effect.
  • You can wear them in any type of shoes. You can also cut them out for a perfect fit with your shoes.
  • They are made of a lightweight, breathable material that will keep your feet dry and clean throughout the day.
  • By combining the use of insoles, with a healthy and balanced eating behavior, the results will be greatly improved.

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