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SNOOZY™: Carpet Alarm

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Win the daily battle against the snooze button by upgrading to this alarm clock rug. 

The ingenious design forces you to physically get out of bed in order to deactivate the annoying beep while a helpful LED display informs you of the time.

Place both of your feet on the soft memory foam rug for at least 3 seconds in order to turn the alarm clock off. 

Healthier Routine

Easily wake up on time, and look forward to this Carpet motivations to put you in a good mood! No more feeling late, rushed and stressed!

More time for yourself 

Wake up on time, every time! The average britain spends 26 years in bed! How much of that is from over snoozing?? Cheers to life extension!

Incredible Comfort

Made with incredibly soft fleece hugged around a high density memory foam mat. This will be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever laid your feet on.

Easy to set up 

All you gotta do is plug in the batteries and it is good to go! For customized speeches you just need to plug it into to computer and our easy to use software will pop up!

Daily motivation

the alarm can cheer you on immediately after you get up with motivational quotes you can customize. Motivating you to accomplish your daily goals!

Hours Minutes Seconds

Sale Ends Once The timer Hits Zero!