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BYNK™: Trash Bin Bag Dispenser

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Storing and replacing rubbish bags and bin liners has just got easier, cleaner and quicker thanks to BYNK™: Trash Bin Bag Dispenser.

In these days of recycling we have far more bins than ever before. Each needs it’s own kind of bin liner or rubbish bag and changing them can be a messy, smelly process that often involves finding, selecting and then unrolling various rolls of liners, kept under the sink or in a cupboard, and fitting them into the bin.

What if they were already in the bin in the first place? Trash Bin Bag Dispenser is a clever bin bag dispenser that fits in the bottom of any bin over 22cm in diameter. It sits beneath the current liner so that when it’s time to change the bag, you just pull the full bag out and the next one follows to take its place!

With just one tug you have a ready-to-go bin liner already in your bin. No mess, no fuss and no searching for rolls in dark cupboards.

Trash Bin Bag Dispenser comes with screw and hoop & loop fixing options too, so you can mount it on walls, in drawers and anywhere you need to store and access bin bags on rolls up to 20 x 7cm long.

With Trash Bin Bag Dispenser in your bin- the bag’s already in!

  • Conveniently dispenses bags from inside your bin
  • Quickly replaces bin bags with just one pull
  • Stores almost any size disposable rubbish bags
  • Works with perforated bags for fast, pull & tear replacement
  • Fits in rubbish bins more than 22cm wide
  • Mounts on cabinet doors, inside drawers, on walls & more
  • Easy-to-load compartment.
  • Size: 8.0*22*19.5cm
  • Product comes in a box 
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