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WHITPLUS: Intimate Beauty Whitening Cream

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Your underarms should naturally be about the same shade as the rest of your skin. But sometimes, the skin in the armpits can turn a darker hue. Dark underarms usually aren't a sign of anything serious, but some people may find them embarrassing  especially during tank top and swimsuit season.

It is completely safe and works for whitening any discoloration in your preferred area. In a short day of three, you'll absolutely see visible and amazing results.


  • Contains a variety of extraction essence.
  • Help to dilute the axillary dull, repair thick pores.
  • Providing you with smooth whitening skin.


  • Please put the product out of children's reach.
  • External use only, avoid eyes.
  • Stop using if it feels uncomfortable
  • Please place in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature or sunshine.

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1 x Whitening Cream

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